Nicole Lavergne.

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Front-end web developer

About Me

I am a front-end web developer who is passionate about creating meaningful and accessible applications. My dance background has given me the foundation to excel in a fast-paced environment, effectively communicate and share my creative perspective in every collaboration. I apply a user-centred approach to web development, and take ownership in using technology to solve problems for everyday users.

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My work

Secret Santa

Ready for the Holidays? Share this pass-around Secret Santa Generator with friends and family. This was created with React and the users data was stored by implementing Firebase.

HTML 5 / CSS & Sass / JavaScript/ React / Firebase


A mob programming project created by using React, Rest API and Firebase to find a makeup product that matches your personal preferences.

HTML 5 / CSS & Sass / JavaScript / React / Rest API / Firebase

Best Buds

A paired programming project in collaboration with Alexa Woloszuk. We created an app to help beginner cannabis users find an appropriate strain depending on their desired mood.

HTML 5 / JavaScript / JQuery / REST API / CSS & Sass

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